Michigan Voter ID Ballot Initiative

Learn more about the ballot Initiative to strengthen Michigan’s voter ID laws.

For more information on Michigan Voter ID Ballot Initiative's voting requirements click here.


If you haven’t heard yet about how you can make an impact to strengthen Michigan’s election laws and fight back against Gretchen Whitmer and the rest of the extreme liberal Democrats; then let us introduce you to Secure MI Vote!

The Secure MI Vote campaign is a ballot measure campaign which will strengthen Michigan’s election laws by:
• Requiring photo ID to vote! (Currently ID is only asked for, but not REQUIRED)
• Requiring ID to vote by mail!
• Requiring mail ballots to be returned by election night!

Once enough signatures are gathered, Michigan voters have the unique opportunity to propose bills directly to the state legislature. When the proposed bill is passed by the legislature, it automatically becomes law and does not require the governor’s signature. (This is important, since Governor Whitmer previously vetoed an attempt to require photo identification for voting.) If the legislature does not pass the bill, then the proposed law will be placed on the ballot for all Michigan voters to decide.

National Democrats have poured millions of dollars into attacking this campaign because they know how essential strong voter ID laws are to free and fair elections, and they know IT WILL PASS if enough voters in Michigan sign the petition!

So, what can you do? SIGN THE PETITION TODAY!

Please go HERE to REQUEST a petition to SIGN, and GET FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO SIGN and RETURN for this effort!
Every signature obtained strengthens election integrity in Michigan! Help us ensure that the disaster of 2020 never happens again!