We need Voter ID Now!

America is the greatest country in the world but we cannot continue claiming that distinction until we fix our broken voting system.

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We just watched a third-world election within the borders of the greatest country in the history of the world. People voting for weeks, mail-out and mail-in ballots flying everywhere, on trucks across states lines, through post offices populated with partisans, into drop boxes monitored by no one, onto election machines with shadowy ownership where vote tallies were shipped overseas and where states took days to count ballots while others counted them in hours.

The vast majority of Republicans believe massive cheating occurred and so do nearly half of Democrats. Even the corrupt liberal media’s refusal to cover the fraud can’t completely hide it.

We are not going to fully trace the lineage that got us where we are today except to say Democrats have scratched and clawed for change after change to erode election security the last several decades while Republicans have been frozen in fear over opposing them.

Photographic voter ID must be required in American elections, no exceptions. There is no valid argument against this important safeguard. In addition, all ballots must be signed and fingerprinted.